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High School Art Project Goes Completely Viral For All The Right Reasons

Indiana high school student Jacob Feazel showed his true love for the country when he made an American Flag for his art assignment. It’s no surprise that Jacob’s amazing vision has gone viral—he constructed it entirely out of tiny toy soldiers.

This is a truly remarkable homage to those who put their lives on the line to keep our country safe. The artwork is beautiful and heartfelt. It is our nation’s soldiers who have fought and died for our freedom to wave Ole Glory.

Though the project was entirely Jacob’s vision, it ended up being an 11-day family project. It required 4,466 toy army men and between 20 and 30 cans of spray paint. The toy soldiers were fixed to a 4 x 6 piece of plywood.

Take a look at the amazing project below, shared by Stacy Bishop-Feazel on her Facebook page:

Here it is folks! Delivered to school and ready to be graded for Jacob's art project!! 4,466 army men painted red,…

Posted by Stacey Bishop-Feazel on Thursday, February 18, 2016




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