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BREAKING: World Trade Center Bomber JUST DIED… Here’s What We Know

Abdel-Rahman, an Egyptian radical died Saturday at Butner Federal Medical Center in North Carolina, where he was serving a life sentence, Reuters reported.

The Egyptian leader was convicted of bombing the World Trade Center in New York in 1993.

He was one of six suspects in that attack which killed six people and injured about 1,000 others.

He also plotted to blow up the Holland Lincoln tunnels as well as other New York landmarks.
His son Ammar told Reuters that his family had received a phone call from a U.S. representative saying his father had died.

Known as “The Blind Sheikh,” Abdel-Rahman lost his eyesight when he was 10 months old. By the time he was 11 years old, he had memorized the Braille version of the Qur’an and was sent to an Islamic boarding school, FOX reports.

He went on to study at Cairo University’s School of Theology and later earned a doctorate in from Al-Azhar University in Cairo. Abdel-Rahman went on to become one of the country’s most prominent and outspoken Muslim clerics to denounce Egypt’s secularism.

In the mid-1980s, Abdel-Rahman made his way to Afghanistan, where he built a strong rapport with former Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Bin Laden once credited Abdel-Rahman has the inspiration and justification with the September 11 attacks.

Adbel-Rahman was the spiritual leader of Al-Gama Al-Islamiyya. The Islamic group was believed to have been behind other terror attacks such as the 1997 killing of tourists in Luxor, Egypt.

He remains revered in his native Egypt, and his supporters had demonstrated throughout Cairo for his freedom in the past.

May he rot in hell.

God Bless.

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