Angelina Jolie: Islam Is ‘Beautiful Religion’; American ‘Obligation’ To Take In Muslim Refugees

American values require the admission of more Muslim refugees, declared celebrity leftist Angelina Jolie at an Islamic event on Monday in Virginia. The Hollywood face of the UN’s refugee bureaucracy, she joined Secretary of State John Kerry in pushing for the resettlement of hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees in the US. No consideration of alternative regional resettlement […]

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Kellyanne Sexually Harassed By Perverted Black Democrat, What he Said Will Make You SICK! He Needs To Be Removed NOW

On almost a daily basis, liberals show us just how vile and disgusting their souls truly are. While we’ve gotten used to their antics since Trump got in office, one black congressman’s vitriolic comments about Kellyanne Conway were so disturbing, he needs to be forcibly removed from office immediately. Several days ago, President Trump held […]

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Pissed Off Farmer Sprays Poop On Entitled Liberal Actress Protesting On His Property After She Refused To Leave

Nothing is more annoying than witnessing liberals and their ongoing ridiculous antics. While there’s really little that we can do except be angered and annoyed, one farmer got epic payback on one entitled celebrity who decided to come onto his land for a political protest. And the creativity that the farmer put into shutting the […]